App Information of Diary & Notes

アプリ名Diary & Notes
カテゴリーアプリ, 生産性
評価 4( 1326)
サイズ9.3 MB
要件アンドロイド4.1 +

Description of Diary & Notes

Diary & Notes is a simple application that lets you write daily thoughts, ideas, memories, writing diary with a simple user interface.

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Scroll through the pages for quick navigation between dates. Searching through your entries is faster than ever using the search button.

Build from the ground up to be simple and user friendly, the user interface is designed to allow you to enter new notes quickly and easily. With this app, you can write all your notes and secure them.

If your Android phone supports it, you can use emojis in all entries. Decorate diary notes with a beautiful heart and love emojis, or popular sport or emotional face smileys.

The auto-save feature saves your entries as you type without the hassle of another save button.

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Simply share any link or text to the application and it will save it immediately.

– Easy navigation between your diary entries

– Create, modify, delete entries in a very simple and intuitive way

– Many emotions – describe your mood by emojis

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– Create text notes

– Autosaving notes

– Export folder to a text file

– Search in all folders

– Save Links

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- 広告なし

Enjoy your life and create amazing stories with this diary & notes app.

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